Textile Art Alliance is October 16th

And if you have never been, try not to miss the event.  Landerhaven conference facility transforms into a lovely and huge boutique offering the best of Northern Ohio (and beyond) with 60-75 artists displaying and selling their lovely wearable fashions.  And those fashions range from simple hats and scarves to alpaca capes, wool suites, and of course a lovely assortment of fiber artistic outfits.  Last year i was next to a woman that upcycled gently worn clothing, and she had quite the panache for creating exquisite beauty from simple classic designs.  And two haberdashers with their stylish and interesting hats.


I am working on a fresh line of painted silk scarves, with muted vintage patterns, and of course  I am bringing a sizable amount of wire crochet bead embroidered brooches.  And there will be a full board of silk cocoon earrings.. delicate, yet sturdy and classic in design.  OK, I have been a bit obsessed with poppies, and have drawn and painted several versions.  In addition to poppies, fall leaves, sunflowers and Maggie’s morning glories have captivated my attention.  Here are a few quick shots of things i have been preparing for the day.  Here is hoping you can visit…. the boutique is such fun, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the  Textile Arts Alliance and the Cleveland Museum of Art, which by the way was named in the top 5 museums in the USA.