Readers are leaders – my reading list suggestions



I love to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea, and my pups, and just snuggle into the content…. these days i am a bit limited on having curl up and read time, so i find myself listening to books instead.  For me Audible has been one of the greatest things to allow me to read a book while working on other things.  And this year the titles have rocked my world.  My focus is always in growing my business knowledge.  But i do like fun offerings too.  So here is my short list of books i love and have influenced me this year, and these are “highly recommend” reads:





If you have not read any of the work of Brene Brown, take time, and do choose one of her many books.  They are educational, challenging and practical.  But a warning – they do take some thought provoking time to both process, and apply to life.  I am on a quest to free my life from the shame and struggle of the past… and i must say that post financial collapse there was a lot of shame to lay down.  I am determined to rise strong, and remain focused on the good future that awaits.


Michael Hyatt is a mentor i have never met in person…. i value his leadership insights, and his practical ways of thinking through life.  Living forward is a practical plan for organizing life…. and while i have not put some of this on paper, it is needed.  He advocates spending time determining what the core plan of life should be, much like writing a business plan, and then filtering life through that plan because otherwise the course of our lives can be distracted, tossed off course, or thwarted by the tyranny of the urgent, which may not be in the scope of your life plan.  I must confess i read the book, but i need to put feet to it, and actually tug myself away from life for a day or two to develop my life plan more comprehensively.  I think this should be required reading for every high school senior = if i knew some of this when i was still in school my life might have looked much more pointed, directed, focused.

The author, Peter Thiel, is the founder of PayPal, now an iconic payment transaction company world wide, but at the time quite the innovator.  In this book Peter refers to creating a new concept from nothing  (zero… nothing exists  to 1 – new innovation).  He offers great insight into why the world often is trying to take what already exists and multiply it, reinvent it, develop it further, when the real innovators and entrepreneurs are innovation new concepts from nothing.  Inspiring read.  If you have any thoughts or ideas that you dont see out in the market place right now – this is your book.
And the one i just finished…..
one word
One word – Motivational!  I could only imagine that Jonah’s class must be icing on the cake to this content…. i loved it.  I read the book through cover to cover in 2 days, and subsequently bought the audible book to listen one more time because there is so much to take away from this book.  Innovation and creativity are not enough – we have to have an idea of how human nature works.  And when you read this you will understand this comment.  “I want my business to be a lot like the $100 cheesesteak!”
Closing thoughts – Take time in your day to find a quiet space and just read.  Whether it is for business development or fun pleasure reading, books can take you to places that are beyond the scope of what you know.  They can reinforce knowledge, expand your abilities, or just take you away to another place and time.  I am so very convinced that readers are leaders – readers stand seperated from the rest of the pack, always looking for insight, answers, growth, passionately pursuing knowledge and willing to always stretch out, grown and become something better.  I hope you share my passion. (or at least read one of these amazing books yourself!)