Silk Play Day

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In 2004 i took a class on how to paint silk. It looked very intimidating… a room full of tables, topped with frames with silk stretched on them.  Yikes.. The artist teaching the class was renowned for his skills at painting and the whole thing looked so very challenging…. but…

I discovered how much fun it is to paint silk.  You dont have to have any prior experience, just a willingness to slip on your creativity and throw caution to the wind.  The coolest thing is that you get to wear your creativity…. wearable art is a wonderful thing.

At least once a month i plan a Silk Fun Day – relaxed, tables arranged to a half circle, paints and supplies arranged on a counter accessible to all.  And scrolls of my designs on another table to look through and choose from.

The next planned silk fun day is Saturday May 13th from 10am to 3pm.

The price is $25/person, and a snack to share.  The cost covers the silk and supplies….. and bring a friend – its a fun day getting creative together.  If you are interested in attending leave a comment, or send me an email to