A huge Thank You!!!!

ArtCraft Holiday Studio Sale has ended, and our hearts are full of joy for the wonderful crowds of visitors and friends that made the weekend a wonderful experience.  We were so delighted that the crowds were large.  We saw friends that we love and customers that are loyal to purchasing our soap.  How great it was to chat with everyone, although our only regret was that it was impossible to just visit and spend the kind of time we love to do.  Thank you for your encouragement, support and friendship in this grand adventure.  We realized again how very blessed we are to have such a following.  You truely made our weekend special.  We hope you enjoyed the wonderful selection of artists that joined us for the weekend, and the other studios in the building that participated.

Here is a little slide show of our studio artists… and a snippet of the weekend.

We are so thankful to the building management for permitting us to host the sale, and for the wonderful support of our elevator operators who kept people moving between the floors!  And for Cara who was the eyes and ears of the event, and ever ready to help or resolve issues.

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Thank you one and all for every little thing that made this so darn fun!!!