A new year, a new energy

A new year brings a whole bunch of emotions and thoughts to the forefront. If you are like me, and i bet you are, the new year signals a clean slate, a fresh start, a new opportunity to take a run at ideas, projects, or new work. And it is a time to assess the past year.

For us it is that final review of the old year, and closing out the books for the business for the old year. We take a good deal of time assessing our year, looking for patterns, determining what worked, and what did not. But i think we all do that in general.

I don’t want to make new years resolutions, but i want to plan for the year, predetermining the goals i hope we will hit or exceed. Why dont i make resolutions? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Resolutions tend to fall off the rails at some point soon after we move into the new year…. things such as diet plans, and exercise efforts drop off as life takes over. And the result of failed resolutions is guilt and frustration. A better idea might be to slowly add or change something… purpose to eat 2 more salads a week, or walk on lunch several days a week… this becomes a routine, and has managable and realistic goals.
  • Our lives change… what seems like a resolution that makes sense on january 1 may well be farfetched on july 1…. Our lives change, demands on our time, energy, resources change. Give yourself the ability to be flexible.
  • Resolutions can sometimes be attack on good self care… what i mean is resolutions always seem to have a negative side affect that weighs on our mind and heart. We need to be taking effort to actually treat ourselves better… that starts with thoughts, and our mindset. i personally tend to beat myself up for misses on resolutions… which spirals into negative talk to myself. There has to be a better way
  • plans are great – they allow for course corrections, adjustments and changes in course…. resolutions are so stiff and firm.