Birds of a feather!

In all of my reading, podcast listening, and discussions with people a theme is emerging… and it relates to that old saying “ Birds of a feather flock together!”

These are eagle feathers!

I have never given thought to this idea until recently…. people tend to become like those they associate with….sports folks share common interests, know everything about the game, and such. Car enthusiasts can quote specifications and talk about performance of their vehicles with great joy. And we could continue a list of people groups finding a commonality with each other….but let’s suffice it to say they have found their flock. And the flock has influenced them, spurred them deeper in their interest, and provided mentoring.

So you are saying “and? What’s your point?”

Here goes: we can find ourselves surrounded by like minded people and wonder why we can’t break an old habit, or we don’t see new things happen or even feel stuck in a pattern where growth is not happening. Or we are lulled into a comfort zone where growing is no longer happening.

Ok, I hear you saying…”and your point…?”

Those we associate with are who we become. Actually the quote is “ you will become as successful as those five closest friends you associate with.” Wow! I have been on a journey of building a restarted life, restoring financial footing, and discovering my voice in the world. It has felt like unfamiliar territory to me, but going toward places that are new, challenging, growing. As one of the podcasters put it “expanding my territory .”

Some of us have known how crushing life can be. One quick change of things and our world is shaken….some to health issues, in my case unemployment was something that dropped us both to our knees. But we are fighters and refuse to stay down. And in that rising from the rubble there is a new facet of life exposed. As we now look back to that time we realize how many people watched from a distance to see if we would rise up. (Not everyone does recover from trauma of any form!) If you have failed at something, or life has shattered your dreams consider this an opportunity to dig deep and find what is hidden under layers of life. There is a precious gem waiting to be found and honed.

You see, I have always thought I had more to offer the world than the mundane. And as I press toward new boundaries, seek new opportunities I am learning how important it is to have friends in my life that can challenge,mentor, model and push me to that next level. and I am learning how critical it is to have voices in my life willing to be honest, and willing to refuse the mundane.

So this chic is looking for her flock…birds that are relentless, pursuing their dreams, believing they were put on this earth for greater. Those are the birds of a feather I want to flock together with today!

Challenge: are you growing, pursuing your dream? If not, why not? Take 5 minutes every day to journal your dream, and take one action toward making it happen. Who is with me?