Do you take time to play?

Yes, this is a strange question for an adult to ask another adult, but i hope you will take a moment and hear me out.

As children we played daily, often growing in our social skills, learning how to function and do things, all couched in the idea of having fun. Honestly experts tell us that perhaps as much as 70% of our ability to navigate social situations develops during those young years.

And in those times of play we find our skill set beginning to emerge. The bossy friend is really flexing their leadership skills. The problem solving friend is demonstrating their future ability to find solutions to life’s many turns and twists.

But as adults do we spend any time playing? Yes, free of the weight of life, just having fun? YES YES YES… Take the time. It will improve your overall outlook, melt stress away, refresh your mind and your body and it may lead to rescuing you from burnout.

Well, After the day job I am off to play with my pup, or paint some silk…. and i look forward to the play more than you can imagine!!!

And by the way, if you would like to join me and try your hand at painting silk i offer a one day play day in the studio – we make it fun, filled with good eats, laughter, and play. There are a few spaces available at both play days offered in February. Check it out by clicking on the picture: