Did you know: French Green Clay?

We are always on the look out for new ingredients to add to our line of soaps.  And over this past fall we have received a number of requests for a soap made of Green French Clay. I have heard of it, but neither of us know much about it.  So research has begun to find a source, and a recipe that will utilize it effectively.

What is it? 
French Green Clay also sometimes sold as Sea Clay is by far one of the most majestic, most effective, and most commonly used mineral skin clays found throughout our global community.
French Green Clay (AKA Illite Clay or Sea Clay) contains a bounty of valuable elements, which include montmorillonite, several (up to 9) important mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosporous, silicon, copper, and selenium. Green clay owes its coloration to 2 very important factors, which ultimately decide a good quality clay from a poor quality clay. They are, iron oxides, and decomposed plant matter…..Yes, that is correct, decomposed plant matter. The natural green tones found in this luxurious clay are from the very cycles of life this earth uses to regenerate itself. Color matters – the clay should be very green, rather than gray to take advantage of all of the 

How does it work? 
Unlike other clays where key elements work in symbiosis off of each other, French Green contains several elements which act as their own “body”. In French Green Clay, each element is responsible for working the outer epidermis (skin) in its own way and in dispensing their biological constituents as best as possible.

How is it manufactured?
French Green Clay is quarry mined from deposits that can range anywhere from 100 feet to several thousand feet. This depends on the health and vitality of the land it is on and how far a producer will have to go to find the right clay with the right color and consistency.
From here it is mined and brought out into the sun to remove excess water and moisture and to make it easier to work with. Now begins the final transformation…it gets heavily processed (ground) with huge hydraulic crushers and then micronized (finely pulverized) with more micromanaged, fine mesh equipment. After it is processed, it is laid out in the sun one more time to dry in hopes of removing the final amounts of moisture.

What are we doing with French Green Clay?

After careful research Steve developed a very gentle soap formula that adds the French green clay into the soap.  We mold the soap in a 3″ tube, and cut them into 1″ thick “hockey pucks.  The soap is gentle scented with cedar wood and orange essential oil, both having a wonderful research history of supporting cleansing of super oily skin.  As we mentioned above, French green clay actually pulls toxins from the skin, and absorbs oil.  The result is facial skin free of the conditions that otherwise cause acne.  French Green clay originates from quarries in France. When used in soap making, it is added as a natural colorant. French Green clay has a molecular structure that allows it to absorb oil, dirt and toxins from the pores. It balances oily skin to normal pH levels. It is a 100% natural bio-organic material and contains a large selection of valuable ingredients that include several mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, silicon, copper, and selenium

**** Please note, we sell soap – we have seen our customers explain how the soap helped improve facial skin issues, but it takes a holistic approach of diet, stress reduction, cleansing, and exercise to support improvement of our lives.   We make no claims of a medical nature regarding our products!

We take care to package the soap well also.  Each 3″ diameter by 1” thick soap bar (puck) is wrapped in a light wax paper, then packaged in our homemade boxes along with a small pamphlet with suggestions for using the soap. Here is our little box pattern  (we use gray boxes).

This is an example of the box pattern we use for our shaving soap. Ofcourse we dont use such fancy card stock - just a simple gray.
This is an example of the box pattern we use for our shaving soap. Ofcourse we dont use such fancy card stock – just a simple gray.

And here is what the soap looks like:

if you are interested in purchasing a bar of French green soap click on the picture below and

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