Sunday Self Care: do you take time for rest?

Sabbath! Its a word we dont hear often any more, apart from the faith based community. But the original meaning was to take one day off from the busyness of the week. Rooted from this word is the word sabbatical which is a period of time professors, doctors, and such take away from their profession to just recharge the batteries.

If you are around my age you will remember that almost everything closed on sundays… so you planned to get your grocery shopping done the day before, and you knew that nothing would be opened apart from churches and gas stations. The hum of life slowed down to leasurely reading the newspaper, slow cooked meals like big roasts, and times of quietness.

Fast forward to 2020 and here we are, running non stop to pack every ounce of our day with every ounce of something… work, fun, reading, gardening, walking the dog, digesting podcasts, doing laundry, shopping, running errands… and almost every moment of our week is packed.

But if you are like me, this fast pace cant be sustained. I have to purpose to not be busy, and i battle the sense of guilt when i slow down.

If you don’t choose to come apart , you will soon come apart!

– author unknown

its a funny quote i have heard over the years, but there is wisdom in setting aside a time during your week to not work… to allow your body and mind to rest, renew, and to prepare for the coming week.

i am learning to be better at finding time to adhere to rest… and to reduce the amount of work i do on sundays…. and oddly i do have a more productive week when i do this. Try it and let me know what you think!