Our beliefs and values

Meet the maker march continues, and here is the subject of the day. what do we believe? What do we value?

We want to be that breath of fresh air in a hurried frenetic world… Here are some of the top beliefs and values we carry:

  • We believe in God, and our faith is essential to daily life.
  • We believe in our family, and the importance of being there for each other.
  • We believe in local – buying locally made, locally grown, locally available goods and products.
  • We believe in helping others as much as we can. We are not alone in this adventure in life… and we need each other.
  • We are apt to teach and share what we know, and foster a sense of community that is needed.
  • Our business is an extension of our beliefs – to make the best possible products from the best ingredients we can find.
  • We value the hard work of small businesses – the persistence to survive, pivot, and thrive as the economic conditions shift.
  • We value our neighbors, both at home and in the studio. We have great neighbors that are kind, hard working people.
  • We value the idea of living frugally, of saving for those big purchases, and making due with what we have while working hard to build our business and lives to accomplish more.
  • We value that we each bring gifts and talents that the world needs… and we want to help others find their gifting.
  • We believe honesty is always the best policy, and transparency is a strength in business.
  • We love dogs and cats, and they share our home. Life is better with sweet animal companions.