Our Style

We are continuing the meet the maker march challenge, today looking at our style. There are a lot of different ways to create and package soap. As consumers prior to having our business we bought a lot of handmade soap… and formed opinions on what we would make, and how it would look based on our own preferences.

Our soap style is this:

  • Big beefy bars of soap
  • Natural ingredients
  • Locally grown botanicals where possible
  • Essential oil as much as possible
  • Basic rectangular bars of soap – no fru- fru toppings or shapes
  • Fully wrapped – we use a lightweight wax paper to fully wrap our bars, then band them with the product information.

We like good packaging. And we love that our bars can be smelled while they are protected by that layer of way paper from fingers and noses, and especially now that we have lived through a pandemic. Clean, sanitary!

And in silk painting, the passion is for strong graphic surface design… and i love to pay homage to the Art Noveau era works. My style is bright colors, vibrant images, and the satisfaction that scarves of art can be incorporated into any wardrobe. I like luxurious silk, and silk crepe… the fabric lays so nicely, and feels like a nice luxury.