What’s our newest makes?

March is meet the maker march, and we are continuing to answer the challenge with a response to the questions raised. So what are the newest items we have created?

Our latest flavor of soap is called “‘Cuz you stink” and it is a gentle soap formula that is infused with persimmon. Interestingly persimmon is used in health and beauty products because it has a natural ability to neutralize strong body odors. Originally discovered in Japan, we learned about this from a fellow artist that had purchased a bar of soap for her aging parents. She had run out, and hoped we could help her out and make it. Done.

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I just finished the electric kitty – my homage to the 60s electric colors, and abstract designs… a bit like the Beatles yellow Submarine designs. And a simple rose abstract design. Both scarves are on habotai silk, measure 11″x60″ and are color fast and hand washable.

I have a few sketches of a new project that i hope to jump into. The new project is not ready for prime time, but will use silk painting as well as sewing to create something new to me. I also am plotting to use all of the scraps of material that i have accrued for a cute little project to make small coin purses. zippers are in,, now to just cut and stitch.