Its the little things

Meet the Maker March challenge for today is to talk about the little things, the details… Things that we might not even notice, but what make all the difference. So i thought long and hard about what to talk about in this post.

Ah, I know – labels. 2020 was the year to revisit our labels and begin moving to a new label. Our labels had been a white band with all the pertinent information, that was wrapped over two small bands of scrapbook paper. And the paper choice varied with the scent of soap… But scrapbooking paper is becoming less common to source out, and we had discovered there was inconsistency in the print… When we would run out of one print we would substitute for a pattern similar. It was beginning to be confusing to our customers.

I began looking for images that capture the scent of the soap, or drawing them if i had time. rather than printing just a white banded label we added the pattern of the image to the top and bottom of the band, and then it was one label in full, easier to wrap the soap, saved on the purchase of scrapbook paper, and consistent with every batch of soap made.

One of the most delighted labels i used was an old drawing from junior high that fit the Hessler Hippie soap image perfectly. Yes, i was a child of the 60s who drew peace signs and psychedelia flowers. It was dawn in flair markers, and possibly a bit of watercolor and the original paper was a bit brittle, but i scanned it and worked through the layout using it. I actually like the results.

So its the little things, those little details that someone else might not notice, but that bring joy and satisfaction to me.