Studio time

Apart from my garden in the most favorite place that I love to be is in my studio. Steve is over in his corner working on so soap And the sounds of mixing soap coupled with the smells Of essential oil in the soap smell amazing. It’s usually warm so our windows are pitched open Whatever season we’re in so there sounds of traffic and airplanes and occasionally a military plane buzzing by. In the distance we can see the waves of Lake Erie and if it’s summer we see sailboats and various other watercraft out there. Wedding bright sunshine through old utilitarian glass windows that just don’t come clean. There’s something magical about the space and I can get lost for hours there. Painting seems effortless. That’s my favorite place apart from my garden. And I have my trusty studio dog Daisy at my side. She loves her little comfy spots in the studio and gets all excited when she hears dogs from other studios.

what are they all looking at?