Today’s April Artist discussion was supposed to be on our studio, but over the weekend two friends passed away, and we were saddened for the loss. We wanted to take a moment and remember their lives, and how much they enriched the world around them. Our hearts are heavy for the losses, and we send our sincerest sympathy to the family they leave behind.

Barbara Gates was a creative woman with a passion for art that resulted in the opening of Artisans Corner Gallery in Newbury with her husband. She was a passionate supporter of the arts, and she loved people. We will greatly miss her .

Chip Lucas was a good man, a hard working potter, who shared is life and art with his wife Christine. We were heart broken to hear of his passing suddenly. We enjoyed his sense of humor, and his always welcoming personality. We

We are thankful to have known them. They have each left with us good memories, and influenced our lives. Rest in peace