Do you have a favorite gallery?

Over the years we have done business with a number of calories around the area. It’s impossible for us to select one Gallery and singled out as her most favorite because each have such wonderful qualities and unique differences. Rather than listing that one Gallery I thought I would just do a quick review of what makes Gallery’s amazing so here’s my short list:

– It all starts with the owner or manager running the shop. Their passion for art and love of people combine to create an atmosphere that is inviting and warm. And they know the patronage that visit their shop. I’m always amazed that they know exactly what they are patrons would buy and what would not work in their galleries. That’s a noble quality and it’s wonderful.

-The knowledge of the art is another interesting quality. Before you even start to open your mouth they understand the process and how you arrived at the piece of work you brought in. To that end they also can speak to value and pricing and can be very beneficial to you putting your best foot forward.

– Location is always a key factor on whether or not the gallery will be a successful one. If you can’t find a place to park then it’s kind of hard for patrons to find a place to park. We don’t seem to have that issue with any of the galleries that are things are in.

-diversity of artists is another amazing feature that those who run galleries are able to work with and make interesting.

We love each of the shops that are products are in and really respect the thought that in this age when retail is going to online they maintain a standard of keeping a high-quality retail establishment, attracting visitors and patrons and keep the lights on. Retail business is not easy in the 21st-century and we admire their knowledge and courage to proceed forward and do it well.

This was part of the ongoing April Artist 2021 challenge.