My art bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? Its a term made popular a decade ago by a movie about two guys that knew they would die, and had a bunch of things they wanted to do before that moment. Living with no regret, doing those things that we normally put off.

Well, yes, i have a bucket list. At one time i would have included vast amounts of travel, but the world is a different place since the pandemic, so i would prefer instead to focus on art i have not tried yet. Here are a few things i want to try:

  1. Glass Blowing – I have watched several people work with that long pipe, a lump of molten glass, and a very hot furnace (glory hole)…. to produce masterful things. One of my most prized pieces of art is a bowl hand blown and such luscious color. It looks mesmerizing, and exciting… so one day i will take a class.
  2. Oil Painting – it is more complex than acrylic painting, yet the colors and the outcome is much richer.
  3. Watercolor – I took classes years ago, but i am still mesmerized by the soft and flowing manner of the watercolor. It echos silk painting so i think it might be fun to try again.
  4. plein air painting – we did this as an art project when i was in elementary school… i loved it but for some reason never followed through… this could be fun.
  5. Enameling on copper – admire and love this, but never tried.
  6. Calligraphy – wow, i was once obcessed with calligraphy and still have my metal container filled with the nibs for creating beautiful writing. I once saw an artist that used that calligraphy coupled with beautiful watercolor and her work was amazing.
  7. metalsmithing – i admire the many jewelers out there, and how each has produced a specific style. they make it look effortless… yet i know these are skills they honed and insight that came only through working the metal.

So do you have a bucket list? I would love to learn what you are interested in.