Pet Portraits

Dogs, cats, even rats – yes I have painted a number of pet portrait and i offer this service to you. Capture your favorite pet photo on a hand painted silk pillow. Would you like to capture your pet on a pillow as a remembrance? It only takes a good photograph (digital preferred). I create a sketch of your pet based on the photograph, and translate that sketch to silk. The silk is sketched using a permanent resist outlining, Next the silk is stretched on a frame and hand painted,

We work together to utilize the color scheme you prefer for the background and pillow back. Once the silk is painted the painting is steamed to set the colors and permanently fuse the resist. The silk is lined, and the pillow is sewed using cotton for the pillow back, and poly fiber fill for the stuffing.

This pillow can be thrown in the wash on the gentle cycle, but must be line dried. (Cannot go into the dryer because of the silk). here are a few of my recent portraits.

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