What do you think of when you hear Cashmere?

Most people over the age of 50 think of their teen years, and the softest knit sweater on the planet, made from the wool of cashmere sheep. Or they think of a scented soap that was wildly popular for a season because it smelled clean, a bit feminine and endlessly wonderful. Our wholesale source of the fragrant oil writes “Wrap yourself in the comfort of warm cashmere musk, sweet vanilla and soft woods.” This scent profile is based on a soap that was very popular in the 60s.

All of our soap is made with only plant based oils, lye and natural fragrant oils or essential oils where possible. This formula includes some luxurious ingredients like Argan oil from north Africa, and Apricot oil . (I plan to post a story on Argan oil in an upcoming blog post.) Both of these ingredients offer incredible moisturizing. And tussah, or wild silk is also added to the formula to give a silky feel. This formula also lathers richly. Each bar is hand wrapped in a lightly waxed paper and is labeled.

Cashmere Soap Ingredients: Olive (Pomace), Coconut, Palm, Apricot, Rice Bran Aloe Butter; Argan oils, Water, Almond Milk, Sodium Hydroxide, Cashmere Fragrant Oil, Tussah Silk Fibers.

5% Super fatted

As a funny story that goes with this product – a few years ago i linked up our online shop with Facebook and Instagram, and proceeded to link all of the products. A day later i received a scolding email telling me that they were banning the ability for me to sell this product because they thought i was selling exotic live animals – cashmere sheep. And ofcourse i appealed this decision and received the funniest response. apparently they had begun trialing AI and the machine did not understand the difference between sheep and soap. Go figure!!