OK, My right hand is officially painful

I have been going at crocheting like a mad woman needing to restock my supply of reblooming bags, and unique upcycled treasures. And it was bound to happen… i discovered that three fingers on my right hand locked up… and even though i was sending the impulse to open my hand the fingers remained locked, and then popped open. Since that moment my right hand has been painfully sore. Did I stop crocheting? Yes, but for no more than a day and I was back at it again.

But in the midst of the crochet fest I also managed to make 6 wire crochet heart shape brooches that have been bead embroidered. Nothing says valentines day like a big old red heart, right?

And on the business front we have a few shows coming up. If you are looking for something exciting here is our schedule:

Saturday, Jan 29th – Avante Garde Show at Wagner’s Country Inn

Friday, Feb 3rd – Felice’s on Larchmere – This is a fairly new restaurant/lounge opened by the famous Fat Cats (tremont) owner. Knowing that his food is to die for, i am certain this is going to be an amazing evening.

We are also a part of a Valentines day studio show in Geauga County on Feb 11th but the details are out yet… so stay tuned.