Welcome 2012

We are so excited about the new year. WE are looking forward to how the business will bloom in the new year… big hopes, keeping the dreams alive, and as always, trusting that God will lead us forward in our business.

Our first two days have been spent quietly… church on sunday, and a slow day at home, just catching up on a bit of rest, reading, and relaxing. Today was spent celebrating friends old and new. We lunched with an old friend i worked with years ago and her husband, and another couple that are newer friends. Time flew, and before we realized we had been there 4 hours just chatting away, catching up, celebrating our friendship with chinese food.

from there it was to the home of our oldest and dearest friends for coffee and relaxing. The fire place was blazing with a well banked fire, and the festive christmas decor lit up to enjoy one last time. The hours past quickly again.
Nothing better than good friends, and time to celebrate each other. If this is an indication of our new year I love it already.

Truth is, we need this to be a fresh year, a year of miracles, and of hope, and of encouragement. We yearn to see this year head in amazing directions. We will trust in god and plan and pray.