The planner is out

Yes, the master planner was layed out and we began looking at our year. We have great dreams of being a part of some exciting festivals and fairs this year. In some instances I may be late to get into a few of the earlier juried shows, but there are some i missed because i was too late last year… and I dont want to do that again.

It is not so easy to pencil up the calander without thinking about travel, supplies, creative time, logistics…. and looking back through some of our thoughts on each and every show we did in 2011. We had some amazing experiences – met lovely people, and business was good. Then we had a few shows that were painful, and it was more exciting watching the wallpaper peel. By and far most of our experiences were stellar, and we want to be there again.

So the calander is layed open, we have a stack of applications on the desk and before the end of the month we hope to offer a schedule for spring. Stay tuned for updates by the end of january!!!