Made in Ohio Rocked!

How wonderful to see families taking the train, and walking through Hale Farm and Village.  Made in Ohio was wonderful and exceeded our hopes of a great event.  The staff there to greet us when we set up were friendly, and the venue was beautiful.  Artists were diverse – from Kettle Korn to Colonial Wingback Chairs, Handmade Aprons, beautiful Garden Accents, and our Soap, Silk and Reblooming Bags it was great fun.  Everyone was friendly, and the weather was sunny.  High humidity kept me looking like i was living in a sauna, but i will not complain. 

The venue was stretched out along a walking path between barn and village…  Near the barn was the entertainment and beer garden.  In our area, surrounding the path, tents were set up on either side of the meandering path.  Our neighbors on the left worked with fused glass.  Lovely and captivating barretts and clasps of glistening glass.  On the other side was a woman that sewed delightful aprons… every imaginable pattern, including kids activity aprons with crayons carefully holstered in the apron… Both vendors were a delight to talk to, and it was a pleasure to become acquanted with them.   Across from us were several jewelry artists, and another soap vendor directly across from us. 

Soap vendors were prevalent at this event – 4 seperate businesses sold soap.  Now you may think this is challenging for us – In reality it creates healthy competition, andwe find that people will gravitate to specific styles of soap manufacturing.  At least one of the soap vendors cut their bars so precisely they looked like they were manufactured commercially.  Ours have a more hand made quality.  Knowing that our soap is cold processed, there is a level of technical expertise not found in the “melt and pour” glycerine soaps some find so popular.  Bring on the competition – our customers will find us!!!

So what was popular at Made in Ohio?  Reblooming Bags- In particular the market bags were flying off the shelves.  The display created a lot of buzz – people stopped to feel the bags, touch them, and ask lots of questions.  Not sure if it was the fashion statement or the greater interest in upcycling that captivated the crowd.  But so glad to know that there are a lot of happy new homes for our work.  Shave soap was a popular item also.  Our mini bars of soap (1 oz bars) are always great sellers – and a bargin at 50 cents each.

Thank you Renee Flynn for organizing this lovely event, and thank you Hale Farm for opening your venue to us.