Is there a book in your story?

I began this blog when I realized I wanted to document the many adventures and changes of starting a business.  I love to write, and i love to work at the craft of fine tuning words into well crafted ideas that jump from the page.  I can;t explain why i love to write.   I still think it was Mr Berger’s english class in 4th grade when he encouraged the writer within all of us.  Perhaps it was that intense need to communicate in effective ways.  Or perhaps i just like to put what is in my brain down on paper.

I follow a few blogs that stimulate my creative spirit, and encourage me.  Creativity is just like anything else… you have to feed it, give time to developing those outlets to express yourself.  The more you practice your creative skills the better they become.  Writing is one of those skills that needs constant work, thought, and re-editing.

So why write about art and our little business?  Because it is exciting to see something that was just a kernel of thought, and to watch it grow into a living and thriving thing.  Along the journey we have met some very interesting people, and learned great lessons that will forever be best practices of our business.  And we have had wonderful supporters… kind words, wise counsel, great customers.  All of this is noteworthy for the blog.

And there is the actual work of producing hand crafted goods… the time spent, the inspiration, the thoughts while in production… these are worthy of writing too.  I have to be honest in telling you I have not been as good at producing “teachable lessons” type posts, but i am getting more motivated to give you step by step on my silk dying, or steve’s soap production.

Why am i telling you all of this?  Because we come back to the thought – “Is there a book in me?”  Is there enough interesting content that would make a book someone would want to read?  I am not sure yet, but I plan to keep on writing until there is sufficient content – and i will keep you posted.