Cosmic Bobbins Day

Yeah! Steve and I just love Cosmic Bobbins, the pop up shop located at Shaker Square between the Fire Restaurant and Yours Truely… Shari Renee has a wonderful eye for merchandising and display in her current shop.  Windows are beautifully appointed, using finds from when the shop was a wine store…. the homage to wine visible in the Moet and Chandon display rack, and a few other moments add to the hip chic feel of this place.

What is a Pop Up Shop?  I have been mentioning this term, but realize not everyone knows about it.  Pop up simply means a short term lease of a retail space.  Pop up is occurring more and more around the nation with shops and restaurants.  The idea is to reinvigorate a retail space, showcase the bones of the store, while creating the economic incubator to boost local artists sales.  Pop up is great because the shop keeper can test market a neighborhood without a lengthy lease.  Often, however, the shops are very successful and either the pop up shopkeeper signs a long term lease, or another business swoops in after the pop up is closed.

What is Cosmic Bobbins?  Cosmic Bobbins is the company name of a lifestyle brand of products that are the brainchild of Shari Renee.  Shari writes of her company:

Cosmic Bobbins is a lifestyles brand fashioned at the crossroads of business and social good. Through a ground floor recycling initiative, Cosmic Bobbins upcycles materials that might otherwise be considered waste and turns them into one-of-a-kind accessories, while creating meaningful, fair-trade employment in underserved populations.


We are committed to creating a global community where sustainability, upcycling and social good become a lifestyle, where people are
meaningfully employed and our core essence is a spirit of hope.

Core Values

1. Sustainability – by employing business practices that build and strengthen the environmental, economic and social fabrics of our local and global communities.

2. Innovation – by harnessing our imaginative spirit to create bold and dynamic products and processes which benefit our consumers and producers.

3. Quality and Refined Design – by our commitment to create sophisticated one of kind products through superior execution with an eye for detail.

4. Touching Lives – by empowering and valuing others through unique business practices to be the change they want to see in the world.

5. Cosmic Partnerships – by fostering meaningful, energizing relationships that are open to magical opportunities of collaboration and connection.

and her work is stunning… using old reports and print media to fold and create unique handbags, totes, clutches…. amazing, lovely work:

I am pleased to say we are a vendor partner in her shop, and if you are around shaker square today please stop in and say hi to Steve and I.  We will be there!