What motivates me?

I love to read, especially when it is in areas that are new or less knowledgeable for me.  Growing this art business has been something that has kept me reading, learning, absorbing and trying to constantly stretch to understand the components that make up this entrepreneurial adventure.

I have been following a number of blogs – people that  i do not really know in person, but people i respect for their knowledge, their experience, wisdom.    Ideas, and writing about what makes you passionate have provoked me to move forward, continue to refine the vision for our business, and undergird with courage to persist.

But it was in a recent article that I realized how utterly different it is to jump into the idea of creating our own business, building it from the ground up, and marketing it to improve outcome.  Estimates are that only about 4% of all people act on their ideas.  I am not sure how they estimate that figure, because it must be impossible to determine who has a vision and idea for a business.  Certainly we all have ideas… and some of us have dreams that our ideas would take us to a different place.  But that said, only 4% of us venture into licensing, legal arrangements to form a LLC or sole proprietorship… and begin to produce and sell.  What seperates me from the 96% that don;t venture into business start up?  Hmm…

So i asked myself what are the unique factors that motivate me to continue building a business with my husband? Here is the detail:

  • Mutual joy in the creative process – When creativity is a driving force it sparks others.  It has been a sheer joy to watch my husband discover his creative talents, and more than that, to learn that the world loves what he offers.  The creative process is wonderful on its own… taking your hands, your thoughts and raw material and transforming it to something greater, more wonderful, and in the case of Steve – creating practical and useful products that will enrich life.
  • Financial independence – While this type of business will take time to become financially solvent, there is a deep desire to never be dependent upon one source of income again.  We both went through the roller coaster of losing jobs to economic downturn, and with the loss of job there came a complete loss of income.  It is our hope to become financially independent of such factors, and never again be in a place held hostage by our checkbook.
  • Belief in our products – The products we make are wonderful, amazing, excellently made of the best quality ingredients, and they enrich the lives of those people who choose to purchase and consume them.
  • Opportunity building – We are committed to the idea that we can build a company and at some point in the growth of the company begin hiring others, creating opportunity for others to join us.
  • The joy of being mentored and mentoring others

One of the blogs i follow daily is that of Michael Hyatt, former editor in chief of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  His insight into life is great, and his wisdom is both challenging and encouraging.  Yesterday’s post was one that is worth reading.  I was so encouraged by what was written that i twittered it and posted a link on facebook.  Here is the link:

Take Ownership of Your Life in 4 Steps

At the heart of this desire to build the business is the desire to take more fully the ownership of my life.  I hope this encouraged you… please write and tell me how you are working through your enterpreneurial dreams.