Revolve Fashion Boutique

Wow, yesterday we spent just a few hours demo-ing the salt and sugar scrubs and sold them like crazy.  Revolve Fashion Boutique is a blessing of a new open door for us.  The boutique is a higher end clothing resale shop.  Amazing fashions, reasonable prices.  The idea was to create a place to bring gently worn clothes and sell them for a reasonable price, turn around and then sell the clothing at a reasonable price.  Lovely things, lots of nice labels, designer goods, that make dressing nice a reasonable adventure.

Thank you to Carol Bloom who opened this door for us to sell our soap.  They love our soap, and seem to just about sell out weekly.  So when we introduced the scrubs they rolled out the door quickly…. and how great is that.

We were delighted to be local  artist day at the shop, sharing the art space with Patti Field, a dynamic woman who’s talent for found objects is immense… and her jewelry is wonderful.  Many of her pieces feature the parts of old typewriters… a kind of “steampunk light” with beautiful bezeled keys, old pieces of copy paper, and so much more… Her work is superb and she was a delight to get to know.

Revolve Fashion buys and sells gently-used, casual adult men and women’s  THE GREENS OF LYNDHURST 5686 Mayfield Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124

And they are now carrying the full line of our soaps, and scrubs.   Coming soon will be shaving soap and shave kits….