Thankful Tuesday

I wanted to sit down and take a few moments to give thanks for the year we have had so far.  The life of an artist is challenging… there are so many skills to learn, and so many facets of doing business as an artist  that takes time to learn.  Thanksgiving is a time to stop, and first thank God for  all He has provided in our lives.   Somehow through this year God has provided in both our basic needs and the direction and clarity for our business.  We are so thankful that this is a constantly growing, evolving, learning thing… and we  are thankful that doors do open.

We have spent the year meeting many amazing and talented artists, and people who love to organize events.  Each and every one of you have touched us, encouraged us, and offered hope that this journey is worth every ounce of effort.  Thank you.

And for those artists we have collaborated with, such as the beautiful pottery of the  MUDD Sisters, Farmhouse Pottery, and Firefly Pottery, thank you.  Your bowls made our shave kits special, elevating them to truely an art form.  And to Vinnie and Cindy of Blastmasters for the beautiful Moustache Mugs…. they are amazing!  Last, but not least, thank you to Elaine Slea and her brilliant upcycling skills and generosity to give us a case of upcycled wallpaper bags… it was the buzz of Tremont Art and Culture Festival.

And we must thank the shop keepers who have been willing to take on our products.  A special thanks to Liz Burgess at Ginko for believing in our soap and silk…. you are such an amazing mentor.

And to our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and patrons at all of the events we have done…. Your smiles, listening ear, purchases, and encouragement keep us going.  Bless each of you for your special place in our lives.  We are thankful for you.

And we are thankful that as we approach Thanksgiving that we still live in a nation that is free, with food in our fridge, and income to keep the bills paid.  We know this has been a tough year for so many people, and we pray that things will turn around for all soon.  Thank you.