Tremont is coming up!!!


We have a sentimental and special attachment to Tremont.  We have been a part of the festival since it started in the 90s.  Yes, back then Steve worked for Tremont West Development Corp and all of the TWCDC Staff were part of the festival – laying out booth lines, handing out programs, coordinating artist move-in and set up,  handling set up of the art raffle. and on and on.  So for years we put in long hours helping as needed.  And in those early days i was the one that went booth to booth collecting the art donation for the raffle.  It was fun.  I got to know so many people.

And then, in 2010 I was asked to be one of the emerging artists and set up in a cooperative space to show off my work.  At the time i was doing shibori technique on silk scarves,  and crocheting plastic bags into totes.  It was a phenomenal  weekend, My work was received well, and we made the switch to artist.

Since then we have applied, and gone through the jury process and have been accepted each year.  We have come to look forward to this festival, kind of like a coming home.  We still know so many people in the Tremont neighborhood, and have a faithful following there,

The festival is two days:  Saturday 9/17 11a-6p;  Sunday 9/18 Noon to 5p. The location is Lincoln Park, located at W14th and Starkweather.  (Parking can get challenging – there is always uber!)  The artist villiage is ~100 artists, but there is a kids lage, food village, and live stage throughout the weekend.  Oh, and did i mention street performers, and we are a stop on the Sparks Bus Tour.

for more information also visit the festival’s website (click on the picture below)