Handcrafted Soap – What are the benefits?

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OK, this is another question we hear some times.  “Why should i buy your soap?  What is the difference from store bought? or What makes handcrafted soap better?”

When you push past the hint of attitude conveyed in these questions, there is great value in asking them.  We believe at our core of being transparent, and conveying the truth in all things, so when someone asks questions like this we want to be prepared to answer them wisely.

So what are the benefits of handcrafted cold processed soap?  We use soap every day – for washing our skin, our hair, our clothes, our houses, and on and on.  Soap is integral in our lives to rid us of dirt.  But truely all soap is not the same.  Commercially made soap looks alot like handcrafted soap but the main difference of course is inside. All those “soaps” have different chemical formula and different properties. They are manufactured differently and different ingredients are used. Often ingredients are the least expensive to create the soap.  Chemicals supplement the actual recipe to provide sudsing, cleaning, detergent.  You wouldn’t be surprised to find out that detergent to wash your clothes is different than your hand soap bar. So the question is how natural soap bar is different from a regular commercially made bar of soap.

The truth is that soap we buy now in supermarkets is closer to powdered detergent than to traditional soap. With technological advances modern cleaning agents surpassed traditional soap in ability to remove oil and dirt. They are “detergent” agents only.  They are also less expensive to produce in large amounts. It may sound like new commercial soap being better, less expensive, more colorful and smelling better is just an improvement overall compared to traditional soap that your grandmother used to use. But it is not true. Driven by profits in mass markets commercial soap industry reduces the cost of soap disregarding some of the essential aspects and effects of using soap on your skin everyday.

  • Handcrafted soap is made with the best oils we can find.  We use olive oil, and lots of it.  In addition we use other plant based oils:  coconut, palm, babasoulle, almond oil, and butters from organic and natural sources, such as Shea Butter, Aloe Butter.   These ingredients offer not just a detergent agent when cleaning, but also add a small measure of oils back to the skin to replenish the oils lost in washing.
  • There are also no other harsh chemicals or chemical preservatives added to create colors, smell and longevity. You wouldn’t find such things as parabens (linked to Breast cancer), sodium lauryl sulfate (skin irritant) in natural soap. But you would find them in almost all soap bars commercially produced.
  • Your skin absorbs a small portion of the soap.  So what is in the soap affects what you absorb.  Chemical free means the rich oils and essential oils bring the moisture level of your skin up.  Minerals, botanicals, essential oils complement your skin.  Some commercial soaps actually have a small level of caffiene which initially is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream.  Our soap does not add such chemicals.
  • Commercial soap is made is massive batches.. our soap is crafted in 4 pounds at a time.  Each batch is carefully made, lovingly molded, cured, cut and wrapped.
  • purity, quality and amazingly well made

Handcrafted is a bit more expensive that store bought commercial soap, but we think when you try hand made you will fall in love with how your skin feels.