Social Media, you are an interesting creation


I hate to admit this, but i have never been strong with remembering your name.  It takes me real effort, and repeatedly working with you, talking with you and interacting to cement that name in my brain.  I dont think i am unusual…. just average in how I remember names. Oh for an idetic memory, right?  And yes, like most people I have read the books, listened to the experts and tried all of those funny tricks.  Those memory marker thoughts…. “”Her name is Brenda…. and she likes brie cheese…. Brie Brenda…. ”  The only problem is my mind short circuits and suddenly she is Cheddar Cathy.  omg.

Well, i really wanted to write about the social media culture effect that both surprises me and kind of freaks me out.  Here goes:  In normal daily interactions with people we see each other face to face, and interact… whether its the bus ride to work, or the grocery store check out…. it is a face to face event, and slowly we begin to know each other.  Sometimes we make a deeper connection and actually know each other’s name, work on a project together, or share common stories about life.

Social media has taken the face to face portion of relationships away…. we now sit quietly at a pc, or a smart phone and snap pictures, and tell stories of our lives… and we pick up friends.  Some are vocal and others are lurkers… silently watching the events of our days unfold in cyberspace.

As a small business owner this social media has been a wonderful opportunity to share our story, and our work… and so i blog, post on facebook, tweet, instagram and linkedin my little heart to death.  Believe it or not, most of social media has an analytical component that allows you to see your progress, determine what demographic your social media exposure is attracting, and offers tips on enhancing those numbers.  yah, all good, numbers are growing, and followers are really super encouraging.  Thank you for your following!

Social media is a different kind of vulnerability  though.  And yes, i am very willing to be transparent, vulnerable, honest but that is how I choose to live my life.  In the daily routine at work, neighbors, fellow bus riders, studio mates… with everyone In my life there is a building of relationship, a development of understanding of each other that is two way – you are learning about me as i learn about you.  But social media is often one sided… the one who knows the most about me is me… and as i tweet, blog, post, snap, and launch the content out on social media my side is there…. but seldom do i know the rest of the story – your story.    I am very flattered that you follow us, keep up with our adventures, celebrate with us those milestones that really matter, and cry with us when the sad things happen.   But i feel a bit at a loss, not always knowing when to laugh or cry with you.  I will always be fascinated with the connections made through social media, and i want to be fascinated with your story too.  I guess i am a little bit old fashioned that way. 

Will I change my way of handling social media? No, but I will continue to build friendships, foster good working relationships on my day job, network with fellow artists and conscientiously celebrate life with good friends…in person as much as possible!  I’m just like that.