What is your favorite color?

This is a question we ask each other in elementary school, and it does not seem to come up often in adult life. But it should. Color, or the choice of color in our life is an expression of our personality. So are you bold, or quiet, demanding or gentle? Do you love a room that is soft and warm, or glowing with vibrant energy of bright colors. And what colors do you wear? Often we fall into patterns of what color choice we make for clothing, furniture, even our car.

Throughout history color has been a statement of something…. From the rareness of colored garments seen only in royalty because the rest of us could not afford the dye, to the modern day where color explodes everywhere… What colors are you drawn to?

I have always been attracted to the hues of blue, the depths of greens, and the colors of nature.  Having loved my garden for many years, the many shades of green foliage, from young bursting seedlings to the mighty leaves of the mighty oaks… green has always spoken of life, of vibrance, vitality.

I found the following factoid interesting and thought you might as well:

Color Vision

Eye with color visionHumans, apes, most old world monkeys, ground squirrels, and many species of fish, birds, and insects have well-developed color vision. However, it’s worth noting that 7 or 8 percent of human males are relatively or completely deficient in color vision.

Humans with the most common form of color-blindness and mammals with poor color vision are unable to differentiate between reds and greens. They see the world as a blend of blues, yellows, and greys.

Mammals with limited color vision or none at all include mice, rats, rabbits, cats, and dogs. Nocturnal animals – such as foxes, owls, skunks, and raccoons – whose vision is specialized for dim light seldom have good color vision. By comparison, humans are color-blind in dim light.

Source: David Hubel’s Eye Brain and Vision

Oddly enough there is a whole school of thought about color, and a lot written about theory of color, how we handle color, and how it affects us.  It all starts with our ability to perceive it…

So i choose the blues, and dusty green grays… they speak to me of calm, of inviting, and depending on the day they match my eyes!!! #aprilartist2021

this is part of the #AprilArtist2021 challenge.