Color vs Black/White

yes this was me at age 2… and that state of the art hair dryer… omg.

Today’s April Artist challenge is to discuss whether you like color better, or black and white. Immediately my thoughts turn to photography, and as a kid remembering those little booklets of photos returned from the drug store. They were always a black and white world that captured memories of life, but just black and white.

I remember the first time we took film in too be developed and got back photos in living color… it was breathtaking, and the memories were more vivid. I am dating myself to a different era where we had to be patient, hoping the photos we took would capture the images we hoped. sometimes they did. but unlike today’s digital instance photos, we had to wait and hope.

All that to say i really love color. lots of vibrant hues of the rainbow… not just in photos, but in life itself. But then there are those photos that are just perfect in black and white.