What’s my current work?

Today the challenge for April Artist 2021 is to show the current work i am creating.

It is an Art Noveau wallpaper pattern from 1889 featuring a repeating pattern of wisteria. here are a few photos:

The process begins with white silk, and a good sketch or drawing. The drawing is secured to the work surface, then the silk is held down atop the drawing. Resist lines (tracing of the pattern) is done with gutta resist. Once the resist is dry the silk is transferred to a frame, and paint is applied. After the painting is completed and the silk is dry it is removed from the frame, rolled in newspaper and placed in the steamer for 2 hours to set the color. Washed, ironed and ready to wear.

As you know if you have been following the blog, i am obcessed with the Art Nouveau era. It was the height of the victorian era, art was either flowing, detail oriented and curvaceous, or stark lines. It was an era of elegance, and opulence. I just love the surface designs, the details.