Silk Play Days

Today will be a day – we have three ladies coming into the studio to play with silk, and create their own wearable art scarf. As we move away from the pandemic we are more able to have people in the studio… and silk play days are a great play day.

It all starts with arriving at ArtCraft building, and the old freight elevator to our 4th floor studio. Next is selecting the drawing you wish to use. (If you are preferring to bring your own drawing it should measure 11″ x 60″ and be like a coloring book outline). I have a lot of drawings to choose from including floral, summer themed, and geometric.

The process starts with putting the drawing on the table, then laying the silk over it, and tracing the drawing onto the silk using tubes of resist. Once the resist is dry the silk goes on a frame, and painting begins. The idea of the resist is to act as a boundary for the paint to stop as it meets those lines.

Once the silk has been painted and is dry we are able to iron the silk to set the colors, and permanently fuse the resist to the silk. The entire process can take 5-6 hours to complete.

I provide lunch and refreshments during the play day… its fun.

Want to learn more about play days? Click here to learn more or sign up!