Am I a leader?

Do you see yourself as a leader?

If you’re looking for the traditional bureaucratic leader, with the power suit in the attitude and standoffish direction management, no, I’m not that kind of leader. I would say that my style is more influencing. I just applied forward with my life and try to do the best I can with everything, my hands touch and offer gentle thoughts on life. Sometimes what I’m doing. Is interesting to others and other times people think I have a tin hat and I’m absolutely crazy. Recently I’ve been very focused on returning to clean, eating, growing lots of my own vegetables and eating as much as possible chemical free. Of course, the soap that we make sense that description with the only chemical you being lye, Which is needed to saponify the oils with the water liquid. I’ve also discovered some amazing natural remedies and here, and they’re all here with others. In that sense, I feel like it’s leader ship towards cleaner living.

I would say, leader ship in the sense that I run a small business with my husband, and that involves managing inventory, production, packaging, marketing, Delivery, and scheduling art festival for us to attend. There were times, when I’m the vocal leader, directing the business, but I yield to my husband’s direction and wisdom as well.

The odd side of the word leader (my opinion) is the many years I spent in corporate America with dodgy politics, differing work ethics, And all that comes with the working for someone else’s interests. Send me your environment you became a leader if the powers that be felt you were of worth to do so. Boil down to are you playing the game or do you not play the politics and that limits is your growth. Some people flourishing that entire meant were they put aside the political propaganda and do what is needed to do to climb the ladder. They have no real life, selling their soul for money, power, position. That type of leader I refuse to be.