the 3 Ps that count

OK, now i am starting to go formula on you here… no not really, but i think there are 3 important things to keep at the forefront of our thoughts when getting ready for a big event.

Plan – our first p involves laying out a foundation, a direction with goals.  Without a plan for what needs to be accomplished we will find ourselves adrift, running in many directions and accomplishing little.  Planning takes on a critical role when it comes to having adequate supply of merchandise completed, and sufficient supplies to continue to the production.  Planning may also involve where you a re going – sourcing venues for your product, and sourcing events to participate in.

Produce – Work at your craft… invest time and talent into the actual production of the merchandise.  This is my favorite thing and i can get lost in this aspect of business for days.  Know how many of what you need to make, and work at the goal.  Having a good schedule for production is really important.  When Steve makes soap he has to allow a month for it to cure before we can sell it- so production and anticipation of market demand is important.  With my silk the production requires that the supplies i have shipped in have arrived.  They literally take a week or two to arrive.

Pray – I take seriously my faith, and invite God to lead our business, and provide direction, insight, clarity and fresh inspiration.  This has been the most important part of our business.

There is a fourth P – Persistance – This is more of a character quality than an actual business goal… continue even when the economic indicators signal slow down in spending.  Continue to believe in the quality and goodness of the products, and don’t stop looking for opportunities to bring your dream to a greater place.

So there you have it… it felt like a sesame street alphabet lesson today – today is the letter P.  But seriously take these thoughts in, and put them into motion in your business.  You will not regret it.