Made in Ohio Festival begins

Today is the day – the first day of a three day festival at historic Hale Farm and Village in Bath Ohio. On the grounds, stretching from the visitor center all the way through the village green are 190 artist tents, food vendors and the sights and sounds of the 1820s village with historic reenactors. We are assigned to the corner spot at the trail head on the village green, so as you come down that dusty trail, and cross a foot bridge there we are.

In the past we have been visited by some of the livestock of this working farm. Last year it was a flock of Jeffersonian era sheep with their shepherdesses. And a few years ago someone opened the chicken coop, and we were visited by 20 curious chicken girls who happened to find our stash of watermelon. We were an instant hit. Not far from us is a huge tree under which a band of musicians play civil war era tunes and hymns. Always a welcome to the weary and warm visitors, the trees offer cool shade and respite from the walk.

We have participated in this festival since 2011 when it was a one day event with perhaps 50 artists. It has grown, and we look forward to the adventure. if we have any shade i will be bringing a piece of silk to paint as a demonstration for the visitors. That’s always a fun thing to do.