Took the day off from my job

I am thankful that my employer allows me vacation time… and i carefully squirreled time away knowing today i would be getting all of those last minute details together for our adventure of the Ohio Sauerkraut festival.  While i took the day off from work, it is a busy working day at home packing the last of the crates and boxes, finishing up on getting my silk together, and all of the last minute signs.

So what is on the agenda for the day?

  • Steam our new banner, and process it, press it and get it ready for the trip
  • steam, and process a dozen more scarves
  • Wrap another 10 lbs of soap
  • Label 8 cases of salt and sugar scrubs
  • Shrink Wrap another 8 shave kits
  • finish wrapping 6 lbs of sandalwood shave soap
  • Last minute laundry
  • Pack our bags for the weekend
  • Go with Steve to pick up the rental van
  • Load the van.
  • Pray
  • Get some sleep
  • Leave note for dog sitter
  • Leave note for neighbors

So much to think about… so exciting – pinch me – this just does not seem like it is us.

I posted a  request for information on the one blog i follow which features festivals and art fair artist information…. and wow, got such wonderful comments.  One lady said she had several patrons that were using a grocery cart to do their shopping and just buying like you would not imagine.  wow.  never saw that before… Another person said that is their single best event of the year, and has been for 10 years running.  And still another artist said she is on the waiting list, hoping there will be a vacancy.  All of this seems promising that the weekend will be busy and prosperous.  We are thankful for Don, our trusty assistant who will be joining us on the grand adventure.

Just a reminder – live feed of downtown Waynesville – you can catch part of the action when setup begins tomorrow afternoon (and maybe you will spot our tent going up!!!!